Burrrrr it is cold outside!

Given that Fall is officially here and the cold weather is here to stay, we wanted to touch on why our skin gets drier in cool climates and offer tips to keep your skin healthy.  Skin is the largest organ of our body and during winter months it loses moisture due to low humidity, both inside when the heaters are running and outside in the cool crisp air!  

So, what do we do to help our skin retain the moisture?  

There are many small changes in your daily routine that can help!

Sleep with a humidifier

Take lukewarm showers instead of excessively hot showers

Limit the time in the showers to 5-10 minutes

Minimize your use of soaps

Avoid fragranced soaps or moisturizers

Moisturize with creams or ointments and avoid lotions.

If your skin itches, try and avoid scratching at all costs. Instead, use a cool compress to help alleviate the itching

Some of Dr. Groff’s favorite over the counter moisturizers include Aquaphor spray, Aveeno ointment, Cetaphil cream, and Eucerin eczema!

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