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Microneedling is a common procedure that utilizes multiple fine needles to poke hundreds of tiny holes into your skin. This process helps to increase collagen production and encourages the rejuvenation of your skin. This is done with a topical cream anaesthetic so there is no pain from the procedure!

As we go about our lives, certain factors such as sun exposure, natural aging, tobacco usage, or plenty of other factors lead to decreased collagen production. This causes reduced muscle and thickness in the skin, increased dehydration, and deterioration of skin fibers.
The younger we are, the better equipped our bodies are to combat these issues. Microneedling helps to spur on these responses so that we have that same ability as we get older.

We get it! It’s an interesting concept because in reality the procedure is producing what are called “micro injuries.” Listen, we’re not creating gaping holes in the skin. The needles used are incredibly small, between .5 and 2.5 millimeters thick, and enter the skin at an extremely minimal depth. They also heal extremely quickly. With Dynamic Dermatology, the process is both safe and effective.

Microneedling Benefits

As simple as the process is, microneedling comes with some major benefits. These benefits include:

  • Speeding up the process of acne scar reparation
  • Reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging
  • Minimizing pore size
  • Reducing the appearance of stretch marks
  • Minimizing the appearance of burn scars or surgical scars
  • Reversing the effects of alopecia

If any of these interest you, it’s time to start the process of your microneedling experience!

The Microneedling Process

The first step of the process is a consultation with Dynamic Dermatology. One of our experts will walk you through the process as well as make sure that you have no skin or health issues that would disqualify you as a candidate.

Once the consultation is complete and the path is laid out your expert will schedule four to six microneedling appointments spaced out about a month apart each time. For each appointment, an expert will apply a topical anaesthetic to your treatment area. They will then use a special pen, equipped with dozens of tiny needles, to create those small micro punctures to your skin.

After the procedure you’ll be given a serum to the area that enhances your recovery and collagen production. This, as well as other serums or skin treatments you use, will be absorbed better post-treatment due to the effects of microneedling.

Each treatment will have deeper microneedles as your skin adjusts to the prior treatment. This ensures the best possible results for whatever skin issue you are attempting to resolve through microneedling.


Possible Microneedling Risks

With any procedure there are definitely risks. However, with a proper expert these risks should be minimized. Such risks include discomfort, swelling, redness, bleeding, and potentially scarring. Make sure that you divulge all health and skin-related information in your consultation so that your Dynamic Dermatology expert can give you the safest and most effective solution possible.


It’s Time

Call Dynamic Dermatology or click the Book Appointment button to schedule a consultation and learn how microneedling can help you bring your skincare to the next level!.