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Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects both men and women, typically between the ages of 30 and 50. The condition causes redness and bumps along the face, neck and sometimes chest. Due to its visibility to others, rosacea often leads to feelings of embarrassment or aesthetic discontent. 

Redness typically occurs on the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, and can increase depending on external triggers. Fortunately, at Dynamic Dermatology, there are treatment methods to help minimize the redness effect that rosacea has. 

Symptoms of Rosacea

There are various symptoms of rosacea that can lead to a certain factor of discomfort. These include:

  • excessive redness in the face
  • small, visible blood vessels
  • tendency to blush easily
  • dry skin
  • burning, itching, or stinging sensations in the face
  • thickening of the skin in certain areas such as the nose , cheeks, chin, and forehead
  • facial swelling
  • bumps on the nose

If any of these symptoms have been persistent for you, it may be wise to give Dynamic Dermatology a call so we can identify the issue and discuss a plan of action.

Types of Rosacea and Their Treatment

Treatment options generally depend on the type of rosacea. Here are the main types of rosacea:

Inflammatory Rosacea

Inflammatory rosacea causes redness, breakouts, and small, visible blood vessels that can all be found in the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. To treat inflammatory rosacea, topical ointments are generally the first line of defense, and can reduce the inflammation and in turn the symptoms.

There are a variety of treatment options available such as topical medication, oral medications, chemical peels and various laser treatments. 

Telangiectatic Rosacea

This type of rosacea causes background redness as well as persistent blushing or flushing of the cheeks. Topical medications that reduce blood flow are a common solution but are a temporary fix for the underlying issue. 

To permanently reduce the underlying redness in the face, Dynamic Dermatology utilizes certain laser technology as an effective treatment for telangiectatic rosacea. This treatment lasts anywhere from 7 to 10 years before repetition is required.

Ocular Rosacea

Ocular Rosacea is aptly named as it causes burning, itching, and other discomfort of the eyes. Eye drops and sometimes oral antibiotics are generally the accepted solutions for ocular rosacea.

Rosacea Consultation

Identifying whether or not you have rosacea, and determining which type of rosacea is prevalent, are without a doubt the first steps to arriving at a solution. If you feel you may have rosacea and want to find a solution, reach out to us at Dynamic Dermatology for a consultation. 

We can determine your candidacy and draw up a plan of action to get you to a point where you are comfortable with your skin. Give us a call today!


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