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Welcome to the New Year! 2020

Welcome to 2020!

This month we want to touch on home-microneedling vs. office-microneedling devices and their respective risks and benefits! We get asked all the time about at home treatments, some of which we are big fans of and others we try and inform patients to stay away from.

What is microneedling? Devices contain multiple small caliber needles which quickly enter in and out of the skin. This creates controlled injury, which stimulates the repair process of increasing collagen, decreasing pore sizes, minimizing acne scaring and helping with the skin’s overall texture.

The at home devices are marketed by stating they can help with wrinkles; however, many only penetrate to a depth of 0.25mm. For the majority of the face, this is not deep enough injury to stimulate collagen. One of the big concerns with using the at home devices is the sterility of the device. An unsterilized device has the ability to do harm by introducing bacteria or stimulating inflammatory response. There have been articles written about patients using at home devices and developing sores all over from spreading the cold sore virus to the entire face through the use of an at home micro needling device.

The FDA approved device we have at Dynamic Dermatology is called Skin-Pen. It penetrates at depths up to 2.5mm using a disposable one-time use sterile cartilage which contains 14 stainless steel medical grade needles and creates 1600 micro-injuries per second. This process is very pain free with little downtime.

Here at Dynamic Dermatology we want to provide the safest and best care for our patients. We are kicking off 2020 with a special on select fillers and one of our favorite products: Melatonik!

We are so excited for what this year has to offer. Our goals for 2020 are to maintain excellent care for our patients while growing to provide more services to our patients. Therefore, we are kicking this year off with a bang and introducing our new Nordyls IPL laser. IPL means intense pulse light which is used to treat acne, facial redness, and sunspots. Check in more on our Instagram #dynamic_derm or Facebook @dynamicdermatology over the following weeks to learn more about IPL!

Hope to see you soon!

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